Wednesday, November 26, 2014

what lies ahead...

So I have been sitting on some news for the past few weeks...

I am due to commence with my new employers early in the new year! I am extremely excited, a little nervous - I will be going into a completely different area of practice, and I cannot wait, but am also very aware that I will be "starting fresh" in many respects.

I was sad to resign from my old job, and I will especially miss my peeps in the local office. It came down to me wanting to move out of the personal injury area - with recent legislative changes, it was bordering on depressing to continue working PI. Too many calls bearing bad news, or having to downright turn clients away (thanks Barry on behalf of all my ex-Victims Comp clients whom you retrospectively screwed over.) Not to mention it felt somewhat iffy to remain practicing in an ever-shrinking area, considering the progression of my legal career.

Added to all of that, I really only want to work 2 days per week at the moment - and that is most definitely not compatible with a PI practice!

So a sad time, but also happy and exciting for what lies ahead! Bittersweet.


  1. YAY! It is really so exciting. Onwards and upwards!!

  2. What area are you going into? I left professional indemnity for Workers Comp (both defendant). I loved professional indemnity but tge workers comp job I landed is way more famiky friendly / balanced etc. I'm heading back 2 days a week in January too! I know what you mean about tge area veing iffy for career longevity - i'm hapoy for now though!

  3. Congrats! I'm sure it's the right move for you. Hopefully a fulfilling new position!

  4. Congrats!!! I'm heading to greener pastures myself next year. Not so much greener than different and closer to home. I will miss my current work family though....

    Exciting times.

    SSG xxx

  5. Oh my goodness, the typos! I'm so sorry. Must stop commenting with a baby in the other arm.

  6. Good luck! I work 2 days a week at NSW Parliament and have done since my Miss E turned one. I love 2 days of work - the perfect amount of me time x

  7. Oh Congrats on the onwards and upwards. I commend you for starting afresh in a new practice line. Most people get so scared of change that they stick with what makes them unhappy only because its familiar, especially with a young family in tow. You've been brave, but very very smart in this decision. All the best!

  8. Congrats on the new job :) It looks like you are going to have a very exciting year in 2015!

    PS... Is that Kiki K diary! ?