Saturday, November 15, 2014

sunday sessions...

Headed out for a run around the shops this morning, and a coffee/babychino with my lovely sister...

Feels like I blinked, and she can suddenly reach the lift buttons! As V said, it's like the rising tide - you have to keep moving everything up higher and higher as she grows taller and taller!

Did a massive pre-Christmas clean today, yew! Cannot wait to go pick out a tree and get some decorations happening soon!

Thinking we might put the tree here, where the high chair usually gets placed...

What's your least favorite cleaning task?
I loathe and abhor dusting - it's so dusty! Since I have discovered baby wipes as an all-purpose cleaning item it has admittedly been much easier

The tiny one is kind of overly enthusiastic about cleaning - should I be concerned? She loved the vacuum and follows me around, turning it off at random intervals

It has been insanely windy here today, so much so that the rattling windows woke E half an hour into her (usually 2-hour) nap!

Luckily she has agreed to have an afternoon kip, and I'm using the time to go through my pile of Donna Hay Christmas magazines (how amazing is this year's?) and start menu planning

Love a good present stash!

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  1. Working on my present stash too!

    Loving this year's DH magazine Christmas special.

    SSG xxx