Friday, December 12, 2014

fabulous friday...

Started the day off in the best possible fashion! (although the little angel did wake me half an hour early at 6:30!) 

Brekky at lee&me with my sister...

Seriously obsessed with their new menu! The Weekenda is insanely good, pesto-topped coddled egg with toast soldiers, and a serve of yoghurt/Bircher/fruit yum!

Then off I trotted to get my hair cut and coloured. My gorgeous hairdresser has sold her salon and is heading off to London in 2015 - I will admit to shedding a wee tear, not just for my hair's sake but because she is now a good friend and I will miss her.

I was dubious about the new owner - a man! hahahaha - but my fears were swiftly and completed allayed.

Utterly thrilled with the outcome! Short and bouncy for summer

Here's cheers to the weekend!


  1. Was it Michael that did your hair?

    1. Hayley did my colour for me, she's still there for now, but Michael did my cut and he is fantastic! x

  2. Love that colour! You really do rock the red.

    1. Thanks so much Hun, it's fun being a redhead x