Wednesday, December 10, 2014

o christmas tree...

We decided on a mini tree this year - less temptation for the tiny one, less carnage if it does go over 😂

Can you tell I have been shopping up a storm at Kikki_k???

I think it's looking a tad sparse - on the other hand, I fear that adding more decorations may just prove too much for tiny, eager hands! Maybe a few mini candy canes?

Presents! Love how V always gets me gifts that come gift-wrapped, saving him the trouble!

We have recently invested in a mini table and chairs for the mini human. I use the term "invested" in the loosest possible sense as we picked it up from Officeworks for a song hahaha

Styled by Evie - that tea set is certainly getting a good workout!

Had a moment of actual, honest-to-god panic this week when I was unable to track down frozen cranberries anywhere! I mean really, it just wouldn't be Christmas without homemade cranberry sauce! 

Thankfully the gorgeous Kelly at my local Coles put aside a box of them for me when the evening shipment came in. I am pleased to have 4 packets worth stored in my freezer. Just in case I have the same drama next year 😂

Went out for coffee with my mum and brother this afternoon...

Accompanied by this little pixie

The owl looks rather suss - I think he has the munchies ahahaha

I am supposed to be wrapping a few final presents right now, but I have run out of sellotape! Domage

Isn't this weather just something else?! I can seriously hear the wind whistling around our windows right now

Nobody does relaxed quite like these two...

Have you guys got your Christmas trees up yet? How are the parents coping with mobile kiddies and all that shiny, shiny temptation?

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