Saturday, December 6, 2014

life lately...

Has been pretty darn good!

Apologies for the extended radio silence! V has had the week off work, yew! And I do tend to go a bit MIA when he's around, spending as much time with him as possible, naturally. I'll tell you what, having an extra set of hands for baby/house related stuff is such a luxury! Helps that he is damn good company too...

The new breakfast menu at Diggies has proven a real winner! The "English bagel" with ham and mushy peas is fab!

We had a lovely meal out last week at the newly-opened Rookie, while my brother babysat Evie. What a champ that guy. No photos sadly!

The food was pretty fantastic, and we had a great night. The service was very sweet and attentive but not quite "there", I think they need to try and poach someone with good front-of-house experience to really kick it up a notch. Oh, and paper napkins? They belong in a beach cafe, not a nice restaurant (and at that price point). Little quibbles though, we were pretty impressed overall.

Basically, I have been living each day to the fullest, sucking the marrow from it hahaha I start back at work, in my new job, in a little over a month, and I am anticipating being a lot more busy! Pretty much cannot wait though. Especially as my new colleagues are a pretty kick-ass bunch of people. Hello, adult conversation! hahahaha

I even managed to squeeze in a pre-Christmas mani/pedi. Living the dream, people.

My mum sings in a local choir, and I always try to make their concerts - the Christmas one is a bit of a tradition. V spent a nice afternoon with Evie (we figured she was a bit too young to sit through it). Good performance this year! The soprano soloist was particularly lovely. Makes me want to get back into singing. Maybe I should join a vocal group...

Oh my goodness, this girl and her tea set! She pours endless cups of tea for all her stuffed animals (and me if I'm lucky!), stirs them, then makes us all "drink" them. Beyond cute, seriously there are no words. I'm ashamed to admit that, before I had a baby, I had honestly assumed they were kind of non-interactive blobby things for at least the first few years of life, and then they became a lot more fun. Happy to put my hand up and admit how wrong I was! The level of interaction, her imagination, her understanding - blows me away. And it only gets more fun every day.

Coming out from my shower every morning to find the tea set unpacked and ready in the living room? Priceless.


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  1. little miss is so adorable with her tea.. i wonder if she will grow up to like tea :)