Monday, December 1, 2014

happy first of...

Happy December! My favourite time of year!

The daycare artwork had started taking a distinctly seasonal tone!

Made a Kikki_k wreath, wrapped some gifts...

And baked several dozen Christmas cookies for various people!

Invested in a herb and a lettuce planter - not exactly Christmassy, but extremely exciting! Between Evie eating the mint and Jasper eating the chives, I predict I will be cleared out in no time.

Took some quiet time out and a much needed debrief with Evie and my mum, over a cuppa - 3 generations at the one table is always rather sweet. We have had various minor health issues in the family this past month - nothing life threatening, thankfully. Top prize goes to my poor little bro who appears to have sliced through the tendon in one of his fingers, just months before he is due to start his internship at a major Sydney hospital. I could seriously cry for him. Fingers crossed (pardon the pun) that it can be fixed.

In somewhat more banal news, my cheeky child got hold of my phone and did something and all of my Aps have moved! I swear she is more tech savvy than me - maybe I should ask her to fix it 😂

Are you all ready for Christmas? We have some overseas family members coming this year, plus some Danish friends whom we haven't seen in 6 years, so very very excited about that! 


  1. Very impressed with the daycare artwork! Amazing.
    Hope she didn't delete your apps. This is what happened to my husband!

  2. Haha yes they are tech savvy so young these days. Belated congratulations on the new job, hope the transition is easy for you. Also, thanks for mentioning my lovely little lunch box, so many recipes I have to try!