Thursday, December 25, 2014

merry christmas...

Merry Christmas, dear readers! It has been a truly beautiful day.

The kiddo woke around 7:30, as per the norm, and we heard her moving around her cot and finding her Santa stocking - and watched her open it on the baby monitor. Best. Idea. Ever! So so so freaking cute and heart warming and oh my god I cried. Seriously. Her wonderment and excitement were just beautiful. Those wooden blocks, crayons and animal masks were received as gold frankincense and myrrh.

We were ready and off not long after, to my parents place for the day - coffee and hot lusekatter rolls, followed by an orgy of present opening...

The calm before the storm! hahahaha

V took the kiddo for a swim (joined by half the guests!), while we made a start on lunch - paused for a glass of champagne and a chat while Evie had her nap...

My gorgeous husband turned up at my parents' house yesterday bearing this stunning floral centrepiece - partly to cheer my mum up, as she has been unwell, and partly to surprise me, as I had been tasked with decorating the tables. What a man this is that I have been blessed with!

Tables practically groaning under the weight of good food. One of my favorite things about Christmas, and so essential to our family celebrations, is everyone making and bringing dishes along.

I tried a new trifle recipe this year and was sadly disappointed - back to the good old Donna Hay nectarine/vanilla bean version next year! At least my pavlova was excellent

The tiny human had a bit of everything for lunch - and two serves of Granddad's hot-smoked salmon!

Meet Dog - named for Footrot Flats of course - looking exceptionally comfortable, and exceptionally real!

Right now, I have my feet up, with a nice pot of green tea, watching The Nutcracker that I recorded last night - keeping the Christmas spirit alive a little longer. Christmas really does seem to get better every year with a little one!

I hope that you all have had a truly wonderful day, spent with loved ones, and have consumed far too much good food and wine.


  1. I never would have thought to do the baby monitor thing, what a great idea.

    The dog does look very life like!

    1. He continues to startle me most days hehe
      I was quite proud for coming up with it, V is usually the ideas person in this house! x