Friday, January 16, 2015

back in the saddle...

Well, the first week back is over and dealt with - on the whole, nowhere near as painful as I had anticipated! Thanks in large part, I suspect, to the fact that V was still on holidays and "on hand" to deal with daycare drop off/pick up that first day (plus making dinner, doing the groceries etc) bless him. ❤️

I am enjoying being back very much, and my new workplace and colleagues are lovely. I will admit to having a bit of a moment on Thursday afternoon, when I just couldn't stop thinking about E and how she was doing - typically when we arrived to pick her up from daycare she was happy as a clam. She has settled right in to the whole two-days-per-week thing, such a boon that we have such an amazing daycare and such lovely carers - knowing she is perfectly happy and well looked after means I can focus on work without stressing over how she is going!

Was extremely spoilt with some lovely kikki_k goodies at Christmas - some of which are now gracing my new home away from home!

Ohhhh all the pretty work clothes, and heels! 

A splash of colour for Thursday!

Sensing a common theme in these photos? Much coffee has been consumed - as my boss said, you can't be a lawyer without coffee and red wine, and he speaketh truly! 

One of my lovely girlfriends nominated me in the Hello Petal giveaway, for a bunch of flowers to celebrate my return to work - thanks Liz! 😘 They are beautiful. I felt very special.

It's definitely too early to call it, but I am going to say, so far, so good! Here's to next week and hopefully things continue in the same fashion.


  1. Congrats on the first week back! Good to hear daycare is going well.

    SSG xxx

  2. Yay for first week back! Love those colours in that dress. Also so glad to hear daycare is going well for little E. I loved daycare when I was a kid and only have good memories of it.
    Also - yay for sifters coffee!! The owner, Mel, was the barista at my local uni coffee hang, and she makes the best coffees. Easily the thing I miss most about uni.

    1. Oh wow that's awesome! They make amazing coffee :)
      V actually went to the same daycare that E attends so he has good memories of the place xx

  3. Hi C! I was hoping to get your email to ask you a question about flying with Air NZ? I'm taking my son soon and have a question.

    1. Hey Hun, have just messaged you through Instagram hope that worked! Let me know xxx