Sunday, January 18, 2015

the end of the world as we know it...

V is back at work this week, after four weeks' blissful time off together. And back off on the road, this time to Griffith. Not too remote, luckily!

It's been some kind of wonderful having our little family together, 24/7, for such a long period of time - it's the longest he's had off work since E was born! And we really enjoyed every second of it. I anticipate feeling a bit lost in the coming weeks!

Lots of swimming, at the pool...

And here! Yeah, I don't exactly soak up the sunshine at the beach hahaha Shade tent FTW!

I am actually feeling a bit teary today missing my gorgeous husband - I know he will only be gone for a short stint, but after so long spent joined at the hip, this will take a bit of getting used to again! Thank goodness for my little girl, to keep me company, and busy! And for work, for similar reasons.

The little one and I headed to the pool after breakfast today, despite the rain, keen to keep up our holiday fun as long as we can. 'Chinos for both of us afterwards, naturally. Now I'm making the most of this cool change by baking sweet potato wedges for her, while she sleeps. Back into the routine of things around here! 



  1. awwww sad hes away so much. Can he find a job closer to home without the travel?

    Quite funny when I saw that beach photo on instagram it looked like you were wearing compression tights.I actually though you were wearing them and thought that was very strange LOL

    1. It's that bloody blue shade tent LOL one of my girlfriend was like, what the hell are you wearing?! 😂

      It's difficult, his job requires a lot of regional travel as they are rolling out new upgrades, 5g and NBN etc. It's really well paid so has given us the option of me taking extra mat leave and working only 2 days - bit of a trade off and I'm so grateful to him. Once E is older he will probably move up to a field supervisor role which is office based. xx

  2. Am I the only one here thinking that it's insanely unfair that you look this smoking hot after having a baby? #jealous #sorry #notsorry :P