Friday, February 13, 2015

happy weekend, happy valentines day...

We don't usually "do" Valentines Day gifts - V will buy me a bunch of flowers (bless!), I supply champagne and a gourmet dinner (I am over going out for tea, toooo crowded and exxy!)

Today, he surprised me with my favourite Flowerbomb perfume. I was a tad overwhelmed. Especially as I *temporarily* forgot his birthday on Thursday (I don't want to talk about it). At least I had an awesome birthday present for him, right? Right?

A month back to work, and we are really into the swing of things. I think it's safe to call it, and say I am LOVING it! Love love love my new colleagues, the partners, the environment and especially the new areas of law I am practicing.

Being away from this one for those days makes me all the more focused on her when I am around. I read an interview with Julia Roitfeld, and on working motherhood, she commented that it was important for her to be 100% at work during her work hours, and 100% at home when she was home. I don't have work emails on my phone, I don't think about work and completely switch off and immerse myself in this little one. So far, so good.

Keeping everything running in a domestic sense is proving somewhat more of a challenge,  it I'm keeping on top of it. Any tips?

Happy Valentines Day, lovely readers.


  1. So happy to hear you're loving your new workplace, Cate.
    Happy Birthday to V!
    We don't 'do' Valentine's Day either - we bought a massive box of Whitman's sampler chocolates ... J keeps emphasising it is not as a V-day gift, it's just the only time of year they sell them. Okay then... haha.

  2. I love the croissant jumper that your little girl is wearing. Would you mind sharing where it's from?