Tuesday, January 27, 2015

my little mate...

I have been missing this one like crazy on the days I am at work! Like a limb is missing. I'm not always consciously aware of it, but there's a constant dull ache in my mind to remind me.

Work is a great distraction - so interesting and also very challenging to be learning new areas at this point in my career. Lucky I'm a quick study. So thankfully I don't have time to sit and muse. Knowing how happy she is in daycare is a big help, and really eases my mind. And that moment when I go to pick her up, and see that grin of pure joy - just priceless.

We are seeing a real language explosion (partly I am putting this down to daycare). She will ask for "more, ta" so politely! And I have just gone from being "mum" to "mumma" which is so ridiculously cute, I cannot even. I feel like she changes subtly every day, and it's just so wonderful and beautiful.

This really is the best fun I've ever had.


  1. aww calling you mumma makes my heart melt just reading this post! xx

  2. Awww how cute is she? And you too, of course, mumma :)