Saturday, March 21, 2015

everything was beautiful at the ballet...

A few weeks ago, my lovely mum and I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Graeme Murphy's Swan Lake in Sydney...

I managed to nab pre-sale tickets last year, and we were three rows from the front - it was absolutely magical. Loved it. And it awoke my ballet obsession afresh and I found myself dyyyying to get to a class! 

Sadly my old class just doesn't work for me anymore, time-wise, now that I have the tiny human at home, but one of my girlfriends found a new studio for us to try. So early this morning, the two of us kitted up and headed off for an hour-long class (after dumping our respective kiddies with their respective grandparents heh)

It was I have ever taken. Hands down, bar none. The teacher looked and moved like a professional, with the most amazing feet and port de bras. I came away so inspired and fired up for more classes! (although I anticipate being very sore tomorrow).

Here's to reawakening old passions and making time for what you enjoy.


  1. It's so nice when you get inspired to take things up again that you used to love. And even better when you enjoyed it so much! Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Yayy so glad you're ballet-love has been reawakened.
    My teacher at the pole studio is a classically trained ballerina - the way she moves is so dreamy.

    I took a ballet class once that she held at the studio and my calves were sore for a week!