Wednesday, March 18, 2015

february beauty finds...

kevin murphy angel wash + angel rinse
I always use whatever products my hairdresser tells me to haha This stuff is the best for my new short 'do, and smells divine. Definitely hooked.

grown alchemy handcream
I adore the orange/vanilla variation of this cheap-and-cheerful little gem, and actually love this scent even better! It's not really rose scented to me, it's got a lovely herbal top note.

nuxe reve de miel lipbalm
This stuff is SO good. Unbelievably good. Grabbed it in the recent Priceline beauty sale after reading beauty blogger rave reviews, and I am officially hooked. I get such dry lips, especially in winter, and this lipbalm is doing a stellar job of keeping them smooth and hydrated.

bourjouis luminous primer
I have never previously used a primer (I know, bad!) and recently picked this one up on recommendation of a girlfriend. I love it, it's light and gorgeous and seems to protect my skin from the foundation, as well as making it glow. Winner!

clinique anti-blemish range
I have blogged about my post-pregnancy skin woes previously, and will do a detailed post soon - but in a nutshell, I am finally comfortable going without makeup, for the first time since I had E, and am confident these products have played a role.

Any new favourites for you lately?


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