Friday, June 26, 2015

after a not-so-brief hiatus...

Howdy! Long time, no blog! My apologies. We've had a hectic few weeks, culminating in E being unwell last week and having to stay home from daycare. So blessed to have parents around to help out! By the end of the week of quarantine she (and I) were both climbing the walls.

Anyway, let me catch you up...

Managed a flying visit to the Highlands with mum for some essentials - replacing my beloved French coffee press that recently died, plus a trip to Gumnut bakery for the best pies and eclairs, then Harris Farm on the way home. (Seriously, why can they not open a Harris Farm in my neck of the woods!)

As always, loving winter dressing sick...

And morning cuddles in bed with this one.

We celebrated my birthday. V's workmates made me cards. Hilarious and so adorable.

I received a waffle iron. It is amazing. Like, angels from heaven singing Beyoncé amazing.

So much win.

This little guy accompanied me to work last Tuesday. He seemed quite comfortable at my keyboard.

Ahahahaha I have not missed the old Furzer tables! Maths and I have a love/hate relationship.

Saturday mornings are always MY time - V gets up with the kiddo and they make pancakes, then head out swimming and to the park. Leaving me lots of blissful time for... cleaning and laundry hahahaha And hot coffee and enjoying this winter sunshine.

Definitely top notch laundry weather here today!

Hope winter has been treating you all well, and those of you with kiddos have been avoiding the daycare plague!


  1. I want a waffle iron!! Is it easy to clean?

  2. Some serious wondersuit inspiration from your little girl makes me want to buy up big for my little one!

  3. Love those shoes! Really need a serios shoe wardrobe update of my own.