Tuesday, July 7, 2015

long white (snowy) cloud...

Kia ora from lovely (chilly!) New Zealand. It hasn't been land of the long white cloud, so much as land of the great big snow clouds! We have honestly been loving it.

An early start to head for the airport meant waking the small one an hour early, eek!

Thankfully, she was cheerful enough about the whole situation - "big airplanes!" and her beloved grandparents certainly helped.

The Koru lounge breakfast went a long way to cheer us all up...

Fizzy water and the Shaun the Sheep movie and this one was in toddler heaven!

We flew direct to Queenstown and stayed a few nights with my aunty...

Who lives right on the shore of the lake - not too shabby a view to wake up to!

Catching snowflakes (thanks Oishi-M for the most amazing quilted jacket!)

Kiwi kid, happily consumes ice cream (orange choc chip, of course!) in 2 degree weather.

We arrived in Dunedin last night, after a 5 hour car trip (mercifully E was a little angel, bless her). And woke this morning to this...

Exactly what we had hoped for!

Braved a walk this morning for essential supplies (ie coffee).

Sledding! So, so much fun! I may have fallen flat on my arse at one point, it was all good hahahahaha

We are currently keeping warm and cozy inside with giant mugs of tea while the kiddo sleeps - stew in the oven, rugby on the TV, a Central Otago Pinot ready to go. So much yes.



  1. I've always wanted to visit NZ.. but now i'm thinking maybe not...

  2. Sounds like you are having a truly wonderful time Cat - hooray for snow. What does miss E make of it? I hope the rest of your holiday is as lovely as the start xox wen

  3. Have a wonderful holiday x

  4. What a winter wonderland, bliss!

  5. Damn that sounds amazing, very jealous!