Saturday, July 25, 2015

aiming for sartorial simplicity...

I have recently jumped on the bandwagon and have been working on a capsule wardrobe for myself. I see some bloggers who use this as an opportunity to identify perceived "gaps" in their wardrobe, and purchase new items to fill those gaps. I wanted to stick with what I already had, and not purchase a single new item. So far, I have stuck to that, and haven't shopped for clothes in, oh, longer than I can recall!

I have kept my work wardrobe separate, as I dress in corporate wear for work (although my work wardrobe has always been fairly minimal). I also have seen some bloggers who have seasonal capsule wardrobes. I love the idea of this, but it wouldn't work on a practical note due to storage space in our current unit.

Here are the results so far...

All of my tops/shirts and cardigans - I feel there are probably still too many items here (4 striped tops???) but I just can't pare it back any further at this point.

Pants (not including jeans, which are folded), skirts and jackets.

Dresses! I had faaaar too many dresses, ridiculous. I now have one formal navy dress suitable for black-tie events; my trusty Nicola Finetti LBD; fun yellow cocktail dress; and a couple of blush or cream semi-casual dresses. Eight in total. Definitely happy with that.

My knits are folded in a drawer and total half a dozen. Happy with that also! Shoes I am really struggling with - I have it down to about 15 pairs at the moment. Maybe I should offload my beloved floral Doc Martens, which I rarely wear, but love soooo much. Decisions.

It's still a work in progress. I think I enjoy culling my wardrobe a little too much and will need to stop myself at some point haha

Have any of you got a capsule type situation going on? Aiming for one? Would love to hear your stories of how it's working for you!


  1. I want to be able to do this but feel like I can never find good quality pieces that suit my body. So I end up with a whole bunch of semi-ok clothes that I'm not entirely happy with. Then they build up. Might do some googling of the concept and see if I can be inspired. What are the best blogs for it?

  2. I have a floordrobe sorted in to two piles; workwear and non-workwear. Does that count?

  3. I admire you! My wardrobe is a work in progress. Still so much stuff despite repeated culls....

    SSG xxx

  4. I love the striped tops! Where is the long sleeved one from? I can only find half or 3/4 sleeve...

  5. Great work mama! I definitely have a seasonal wardrobe debacle. I've pared back my winter wardrobe to a nice capsule collection and I'm happy with it. My summer wardrobe on the other hand is completely out of control. I'm actually scared to cull it as I love everything but rarely wear everything!

  6. I've been doing a similar thing! Although I'm going for more of a 'uniform' wardrobe rather than capsule. For the 2 days I work I have a capsule work wardrobe but I just don't like limiting myself too much for the other 5 days - I'd like 2 weeks worth of clothes without the need to do washing - for those times when life gets away from me or it's raining. But I'd like everything to mix and match. I have a bit of capsule wardrobe just by not shopping for ages at the moment. Do you have 'house' clothes and exercise gear on top of this? What about super easy summer dresses? I'm so intrigued by having a minimal wardrobe but I just feel so limited and bored by my limited wardrobe at the moment - I haven't found the answer yet clearly!