Monday, February 1, 2016

let me count the ways...

How much I love my new kitchen! It's one of my favourite parts of the apartment. And I'm sure all my friends with laaaarge kitchens in large houses will laugh at me, but it is seriously a big kitchen to me! Compared with what I'm used to heh and for an apartment, definitely.

Husbo got all creative and put diffused LED lighting strips as downlights under all the cupboards - he likes to annoy me by switching it to disco colour change version 

LOVE my oven! It has a fancy pants child lock and doesn't get hot to the touch!

I always swore I would never pollute my fridge with kiddy artworks, whoops

I have 360 visibility from the sink/bench - including right out the sliding doors and to the balcony, meaning E can be outside riding her scooter or playing and I can still supervise 

And with V being home for meals, I've really relished getting stuck into lots of cooking and baking in our new place!

Oh and cocktail prep of course haha

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend - I recommend a mojito


  1. I love your kitchen too!!!!! Love what you've done with your new place.

    SSG xxx

  2. Love your kitchen! I live in an apartment as well and my kitchen is TINY. I wish I have more bench top for appliances.

  3. Love the kitchen! It looks so bright and open.

  4. Oh a new kitchen! How delightful! Our house was built in 2001 but the kitchen is so dated. I have kitchen envy!