Thursday, February 18, 2016

weekend celebrations...

You know what they say about the best laid plans! 

Last Friday was V's birthday. He has been working night and afternoon shifts so the plan was to make him birthday tea on Saturday night.

Evie and I made an amazing cake...

I had everything ready to go Saturday night with chilled champagne, eye fillets, all the trimmings...

And on Saturday night, our poor little girl had the worst night of her life. Absolutely terrified, telling us there was something in her room, someone coming to get her. Our good little sleeper refused to go into her cot, screamed in terror and ended up sleeping for around 7 hours on a mattress on the floor. Bubbles and flash meal forgotten, V and I ate cheese sandwiches before crashing out at 1am. Needless to say, we were all exhausted on Sunday - V and I legitimately forgot it was Valentine's Day for most of the day! 

We headed to the beach to wash away the cobwebs with a nice swim, only to be greeted by the bluebottle apocalypse. We saw about 5 screaming kids being carried up the beach in the space of 15 minutes and decided we would stick to our beach tent!

Luckily I had purchased a card for V a while ago...

The sweetheart had this amazing bunch delivered to my work on Monday.

Not quite the weekend we expected, but it turned out OK in the end


  1. Poor Evei, I still remember my nightmares from when I was younger - that's how real they seemed!

    I hope you and V got to the bubbles in the end?

  2. Poor E! How horrific for her. Have things improved?