Saturday, March 26, 2016

all things Easter...

We have had the most amazing, hectic long weekend! I'm still recovering, in every sense of the word. Many late nights have meant that the little girl is having a loooong nap, so I've got a cuppa and have settled down to write an Easter update...

I was able to make it to E's daycare Easter hat parade. The kids all made their hats in class - E was very proud of the fact that hers had a pink bird on it. The kids were all so adorable "parading" around, even with the occasional tears of fright hehe So glad I could make it.

I've spoken at length about my great loathing for all messy craft, and how glad I am that they do such wonderful arts and craft at daycare so I don't have to do it at home! Well, I decided we would try dyeing some Easter eggs...

Blowing the insides of the eggs out was so difficult! I won't tell you how many eggs went through trying to get the holes big enough without breaking the egg! E thought I looked hilarious blowing out the eggs. Then once they were hollow they of course floated, so I had to keep turning them in the dye and bobbing them under.  I bought some Greek Easter egg vegetable food dye and I think they looked nice when they were finished (and miraculously my benchtops remain white!) Maybe we will leave it several years before trying again haha

Saturday morning we made crepes for breakfast - very serious business...

We hosted a family BBQ for 15 (plus kids). One of my dad's sisters was over from New Zealand with her family, some of whom we hadn't seen since our wedding 8 year ago! I had thought maybe I over-catered on the wine, but with this and a case of Sierra Nevada beer plus the four bottles they brought over, we weren't left with much the next morning! I believe my brother took to boys out afterwards too. That's stamina!

So so much fun. We threw the kids into a bubble bath around 8pm after E told us she was tired, then my sister took her kiddies home and we put our little one to bed. She conked out like a light and we rejoined the party - winner! I foresee lots more late night parties held here in future 

You would never guess the mayhem out here the night before! I'm eternally grateful to my conscience which prevents me from going to bed without cleaning and tidying up.

The Easter bunny brought E a small Cadbury chocolate egg, which she thought was just the best thing ever. We had a quiet morning in...

Then headed to the Temple with the whole family, for Buddha's birthday celebrations.

Vegan char siew noodles! I refuse to share this with the kiddo, she's voracious when it comes to Asian food. And I was hungry!

It's been so amazing seeing my cousins hanging out with the girls and how much they all adore each other. It makes me sort of sad that my parents moved over here and my siblings and I didn't get to grow up with these people, and only get to see them occasionally. It also makes me see what wonderful dad's these boys are going to be! Hopefully one day all our kids can play together.

I'm off to do some cooking and freezing with all these long weekend leftovers! I hope you've all had a wonderful long weekend and the Easter bunny was good to you