Saturday, March 19, 2016

season of mellow fruitfulness...

I always forget how much I love Autumn until it arrives, with its cool, breezy days and mild sunlight. I'm sorry to bid farewell to summer, and our long lazy weekends spent at the beach, but Autumn is pretty nice really!

E was sent home with Ollie the class Elephant from daycare last week, and she was so excited she was shaking haha She was so sad to hand him back on Friday 

As a special girls treat, I took Miss Chubby-Toes for her first pedicure. She chose her own colour and sat like a (very solemn) statue the entire time, the girls kept trying to get her to crack a smile!

Season of smock dresses and knee socks! Hooray!

Last night, I headed out with three lovely friends (originally part of my mothers group) for a girls night. We hit up a local wine bar for prosecco and rose and cheese before moving on for dancing and vodka tonics, before making it home just after 1am. These ladies are seriously my rock, this is why I always talk up mothers group. Sure you might not click with anyone, but you may get lucky and make good friends for life.

Felt a little shady this morning, I think more down to tiredness than anything else (nights out are a lot tougher when you can't sleep in until 11am the next day! heh)

Threw on some comfy gear and took the kiddo for a refreshing swim and a play at the park...

These two together, just slay me. Dead. She is absolutely loving having him working locally (so am I for that matter!) 

Swung past the nursery on the way home and picked up these babies, we will plant them this afternoon.

Currently the little one is sleeping, I've got osso bucco in the slow cooker for tea, and pumpkin and garlic roasting in the oven for soup, and I'm several loads of laundry in. Not bad for the morning after the night before! Pass the coffee haha

Keeping a weather eye (see what I did there?) on that sky, ready to run out and grab the laundry

Yes, it is! 

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