Saturday, February 13, 2010

canberra - day two...

Our second day in Canberra...

We found a lovely cafe for breakfast in Kingston, where we were staying, called Cafe Velo

Yummy coffee!

Me at the National Gallery, about to go in for the Paris Masterpieces exhibition!!! So excited!

This nailpolish is by OPI and is called 'We'll Always Have Paris' - I thought it was very appropriate

After the exhibition (which was just mind-blowingly good btw) we headed in to Koko Black for morning tea...

Perusing the menu...

The Summer Spoil tasting plate, and a hot chocolate

Best iced chocolate ever!

 Rodarte for Target nude tulle dress

Of course we had to buy chocolate at Koko Black!

In the courtyard of the hotel in Kingston, about to head out for lunch...

 Marc Jacobs blouse
 Sewn shorts
 Tony bianco "maya" flats
 Bronze bow necklace from etsy

Driving to the Poacher's Pantry for lunch...

Yummy Wily Trout savignon blanc, grown and made in the area

Poacher's Pantry tasting plate - smoked meats and seafood with dips, vegetables and house-made breads

We headed out to a nice little Italian restaurant in Kingston for dinner...

 Sass&bide hulsey strutters
 Country Road tee
 Tony Bianco "foxie" heels

We had to grab the obligatory exciting-looking cocktail first...

I believe this was some sort of punch, but the name now escapes me


  1. Koko Black is fantastic.
    I am not a huge chocolate fan, but I adore the quality and elegance of Koko Black. The desserts are great. Much prefer it to Max Brenner.
    In Melbourne I go to a place called Fraus Crepery and Chocolat - they serve hot chocolate thick like custard.
    No other hot chocolates compare to Fraus and Koko Black.
    Glad you had a great time in Canberra. You look very beautiful.

  2. Koko Black looked amazing!! Love the rodarte dress on you by the way :) I hope you're having a fantastic Valentine's day.

  3. Oooo, I love the way the jeans cover your heels just so. And that Rodarte for Target dress is, as always, divine.


  4. Looks like you had a great time! Love your outfits, especially the tee and the jeans <3

  5. That rodarte dress looks devine on you! All the food in this post has made me extremely hungry hehe. Glad you had a lovely time in Canberra :)

  6. I love your style! Again, I have to compliment you on your Rodarte for Target bow dress and your MJ silk blouse!

    I have to travel to Canberra for a day or two in March...I wonder if it's hard to get around!

  7. The Rodarte dress looks devine on you! All the food in this post has made me incredibly hungry hehe. Looks like you had a lovely time in Canberra :) x

  8. Your mini break looks adorable! I have been to Canberra twice in the past month to see the Masters as I find wandering around the gallery just so relaxing!

  9. I love your outfits!! the dress is very beautfiul... i adore this color.
    and i love your hair! so cute ^^

  10. I really want to go up to Canberra for the exhibit. Glad you liked it.


  11. Love your olsen twin style outfit in the other post! Looks great!
    And that Rodarte for Target dress is so sweet!
    I love the way you do your hair with the braid across the top.
    I dont think I could do it because i dont have a fringe.

  12. The jeans would look a lot better without the fabric bit hanging off the pocket - remove it asap :)

  13. that coffee looks amazing! also, I love your hair!

  14. You really suit jeans.