Tuesday, March 9, 2010

day off....

Today I had the day off work to attend a couple of medical apppointments...

I really enjoyed the lovely cool weather today, as well as the opportunity to wear whatever I wanted.

I was feeling kind of ballerina-off-duty with the pale pinks and the ballet flats, so I went for the ballerina-bun to finish the look.

Why am I sitting in the garden, you ask? I have no idea...

God my regrowth is shocking! Looking forward to my hair appointment in two weeks time! Red really fades like a bitch!

On a medical note, the orthopedic surgeon has referred me for 2 MRI's - I was like hey, stick me in a tiny metal tube, I don't mind, just puh-lease no more needles! He wrote "Needle Phobic" on my file, the sweetheart.

So here's hoping there are no torn ligaments in either wrist or shoulder, and all is well - fingers crossed!

 Country Road skinny jeans
 Secret Squirrel tank
 Country Road cardigan
 Tony Bianco 'Moscow' flats
 Tiffany&Co rings
 Kerry Rocks key necklace


  1. oohh you look like SUCH a ballerina. Simply gorgeous :D

    handy hint on the MRI- close your eyes before you go in and don't open them until you're out.
    I've had heaps and sometimes I dare myself to open my eyes and I freak out. AArrrrgghhh

  2. Poor lady :(

    Hope you feel better soon, if the MRI freaks you out request a diazapam as a pre med, it works a treat with my patients.

    Love this ballerina look you've got going on, the whole neutral pallet is very, very appealing to me right now.

  3. Oh hope everything's ok! I HATE needles so totally sympathise x

    You look so gorgeous in those colours. Its such a soft romantic look. Lovely xx

  4. Those colours suit you so much.
    I hate needles too.
    Oh I bought a spotted, cropped tee!