Friday, March 12, 2010

we all scream for ice-cream...

We had a rental inspection this morning (no big deal, I am OCD when it comes to cleaning so our place is always in perfect condition). But I still made V get up early and vaccuum the entire house, I am SO mean haha.

To make up for it, I took him out to breakfast at lee&me

I really love the soft, ice-cream pastel shades we've been seeing in fashion lately...

 Review 'Hermera' silk blouse
 Sewn shorts
 Tony Bianco 'Naomi' wedges
 Jag leather tote
 Oroton sunglasses
 Tiffany&Co rings

I love the pretty blush pink of this blouse, and the old-fashioned style

Yummy giant coffee..

Ok this doesn't exactly look very appetising, but it was SO good! Buttermilk and blueberry hotcakes served with butterscotch nut sauce and vanilla bean ricotta

V's breakfast - free range poached eggs on turkish toast with roast tomatoes, bacon and rocket

Buskers! These guys were seriously amazing! Despite the crowd of giggling teenagers trying to make them move, they stood like, well, statues. This little boy was absolutely enthralled...

Happy Saturday!


  1. You look very cute in this outfit x

  2. I also like these pastel shades - they suit you so well, but me, not so much.
    Gorgeous as usual.

  3. You look gorgeous! Love your outfit! Your hair makes me wish mine was a more interesting colour, and it looks so great on you!

  4. Kittycate, I love your style and you look gorgeous as usual.

    I've just googled Lee&Me - what a cute concept for a cafe. Have made a mental note to visit them (esp for the hotcakes) when I get to Le Gong. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the blouse

    Review has been great lately.