Monday, March 8, 2010

gruntles and meancakes... a love story

Ok so V woke me up veeery early this morning, snoring. He does snore on occasion (shhh, don't tell him I told you!), only rarely so badly it wakes me. But this morning it not only woke me up, it cracked me up laughing - he was doing funny little teeny snores that sounded EXACTLY like a little baby piglet oinking.

Yes, something like this.

So I was laughing my head off and woke him up - and I thereby christened him "Gruntles, the Grunty Pig". His new nickname.
He immediately responded by telling me I was mean, and that he was going to call me "Meancakes" - like babycakes, but obviously more suited to someone who laughs at their husband's expense haha :D

So there you go, love story in the making.

Sorry no exciting outfit posts today - I got to work this morning all nicely dressed up, only to find the office aircon was broken, and was unable to be fixed ALL DAY!!! Please explain to me how this can happen? I had to denude myself of tights, jacket, and various other acoutrements, so by the time I arrived home this evening I was not in the mood for photos.

Happy Monday!

Picture courtesy of Google Images.

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  1. I love this story! I think I find it so joyous because all I really want in life currently is a minipig!

    And thank you for such a beautiful comment on my blog - how coincedental we were on each others at the near exact same time!