Saturday, March 6, 2010

sunday brunch...

Creatures of habit, today V and I headed out for bunch at lee&me, our favourite little spot for relaxed breakfast and lunchtime dining...

This photo perfectly illustrates the bizarre weather we've been having - you can see the sun on my face and body, and the cloudy grey skies in the background!

I know cropped tee-shirts have a fairly polarising affect on people - you either love them or loathe them. Personally I really love them! Maybe I'm just having an 80's flashback or something...

 Country Road skinny jeans
 Cotton On loose-fit cropped tee
 Tony Bianco gladiator sandles
 Oroton sunglasses
 Jag leather tote

Campos cappucino

Earl grey and cinnamon poached pears served on toasted brioche with sweetened mascapone, mixed berries and maple syrup.

V had a bacon and egg roll, but by the time I had whipped out my camera to take photos, he'd already begun devouring it, so it wasn't exactly photo-worthy!

Happy Sunday all!


  1. Cute outfit.
    I don't think I have a long enough torso to be able to wear a cropped tee well like you do.
    As for your brunch - I love brioche. There isn't enough brioche on brunch menus.
    And the weather - it's crazy! Yesterday it hailed so much in Melbourne it was like snow. The rain bucketed down - roads were flooded and there were cars underwater near my place.

  2. I love the cropped top on you! You have such an enviable flat tummy!

    I do agree that the weather has been quite unpredictable lately. I went out yesterday all sunny and suddenly in the next hour, it was hailing!

    The cappuccino looks divine...I have recently been introduced to the art of making coffee and am fascinated by how pretty baristas can make the coffee look!

  3. I think Carly hits the mark- this look suits those with long torsos. For those with shorter waists (hourglasses, apples) would look waistless. You definately pull it off! It's a nice relaxed look.

  4. The cropped tee looks amazing on you! I have been seeing them around the place and wondering how they could work, but now you have me inspired. Although, I'm going to have to do some extra work on my stomach to make it look like yours.

    Love your blog!

  5. now i need a coffee asap.
    thank you!
    i like the crop tees but i have to wear something underneath because i have what the french would call, a fatty gut.
    i think i have to plan a trip to canberra just to visit this julep lounge.
    it sounds so good!

    im glad you a pome lover. people are scared of the pom.
    once i cut up my pom for THE salad and about 30 mins later i went into my room to get ready and i was bleeding from the hairline.
    i was trying to get all the blood out my hair and was so confused and about 3 minutes later realised i got squirted in the head with the pomegranate.
    ahhahahah such an idiot i am

  6. i love crop tops too! and you look really really good in them, hello to your flat tummy!!