Thursday, March 4, 2010

what I wore to work...

All dressed up for work today (and no clients to see!) Oh well...

I spotted this suit in Review last week and was instantly put in mind of my favourite Gossip Girl bitch, Blair. When I saw it was called the "Waldorf" suit, I had to have it.

I think I have finally found the perfect balance between corporate and cute!

Jasper wanted in on the photos...

 Review 'Waldorf' suit
 LAB tank dress from Paddington Markets, worn as shirt
 Tony Bianco 'Foxie' heels
 Tiffany&Co rings and necklace


  1. Oh it is divine, suits you so well :)
    You look lovely.
    Definitely the right mix between corporate and cute. I love it!

  2. I love love this suit! So pretty :)

  3. Holy shit that's one HOT suit. Daaammmmn woman you's lookin FIIINNNNE! Reeooowwww!!

    Ahahaha OK seriously though that's a seriously nice suit. Excellent purchase! xo

  4. That's gorgeous.
    I'm so in love with review.
    Alot of people don't like it; but I've come to love it since around september last year.
    Their winter stock is stunning too.

    It looks great on you :)

  5. That suit is gorgeous *runs to Review*

  6. Lalalove your kitty cat and the suit, very Park Avenue yet not too stuffy.

  7. Wow! If they made a suit with you in mind, that is the suit I think they would make!
    You look stunning! x

  8. That suit is lovely!! It looks so great on you!!

  9. Love this!!

    I may have to copy you and buy it!!

  10. What a gorgeous suit! The skirt even looks great on its own and how great would the jacket look with jeans? Great buy!

    Hope the new job is going well xxx

  11. I love that suit!!! I had tried it on and let's just say that white doesn't look good on me.

    I have been walking in and out of Review lately because I have a $25 member voucher...and tomorrow, Review is having 30% off everything!!!

    Oh...good news...I got all my PR application I just have to lodge the application. The accounting association (CPAA) only gave me back my job assessment 1 week prior to my current visa ending! Geez!

  12. Love the suit! Tres Jackie Kennedy. Well Done.

  13. Beautiful suit! Really suits you well.

    - Dee

  14. What a gorgeous suit, you wear it well :)

  15. Love the suit - the black and white, the pockets, everything. You look great!

  16. That is one beyooutiful suit, you look lovely :)