Sunday, April 18, 2010

baby z's christening...

Today V and I headed up to Sydney for a very special event - the christening of the gorgeous Baby Z, the lovely daughter of very good friends of ours...

It was a Greek Orthodox Christening - I wish to goodness I'd taken my camera and taken some photos, because the interior of the church was mindblowingly beautiful! But I felt it might be a bit disrespectful...

Neither V nor I are religious, but the ritual and mystery of the ceremony was incredibly beautiful and also very moving! When the Priest was singing the prayers and they echoed up into the loft of the church, I got goosebumps! And of course, Baby Z looked so gorgeous in her christening gear...

After the ceremony, we all headed off to the reception - soooo much yummy food! V and I are officially skipping dinner tonight! (Well, we may rethink that in a few hours haha).

 Country Road silk shift
 Tony Bianco 'Foxie' heels
 Mimco magazine clutch
 Diva necklace

This is what we bought for baby Z as her christening gift - isn't it beautiful? Its a Wedgewood silver eggcup and spoon. I wanted to post it on here days ago but Baby Z's mum reads my blog! (Haha, sorry W, I'm far too sneaky for you!)

All the guests received the cutest little gift - how sweet is this little guy?

There are jellybeans at the back too - yum! Everything was in a pretty pink and white colour scheme, so of course these matched perfectly. (Plz excuse my horribly crinkled skirt, I blame it on the car ride home).

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love your christening outfit, just gorgeous (I need to go to Country Road now to find that dress!)

    What a lovely way to spend a Sunday :)

  2. Love this outfit! I have the same dress :) Great taste Cate, hehe. I love the present you gave baby z, so beautiful.

  3. Cat u looked just gorgeous :) So stunning as always

    Hope u gave Baby Z lots of hugs and kisses, Your gift is so beautiful and the thankyou gift is gorgeous,

    Glad u had such a fabulous day hon

  4. The striped teddy is really cute!!

    I have the same necklace as you in pearl white! I love how versatile it is!

    You look really sweet in the white dress!

    I am not a religious person as well but every now and then, I stand in awe of how majestic some religious celebrations or proceedings can be.

  5. Wow, what a cute outfit. The white dress is so striking.
    I really have to check out Diva for a quick fashion fix - might do that tomorrow :)
    And the gifts you bought baby Z, and the one you received, are beautiful.

  6. oh sweetheart - you brought tears to my eyes

    thank you so so much for coming today - it meant the world to us to have you there

    and OMG the gift is adorable - you really shouldn't have

    love you lots and lots

  7. You look beautiful! I love your dress! I emailed you a few days ago but I'm not sure whether you received it or not? It probably went to your spam box knowing my emails! Anyway, you can email me at if you like?

  8. Perfect. The cut of that dress is so flattering and the necklace sets it off. ♥

  9. cute necklace! i think it really makes the outfit!
    the gift you chose is perfect. so cuteeeeeeeee.

  10. I love your dress! Did you get it this season?

  11. Lovely dress and necklace - so chic. The colours are perfect for a baby's christening x