Saturday, April 17, 2010

family first...

Family is so important to me - my family always has, always will, come first. That means V, my parents, my brother and sister... and of course all of my extended family. Although, being in New Zealand, I unfortunately don't get to see them more than once or twice a year. Probably that makes my immediate family even more precious to me...

Every weekend, V and I have dinner with my parents and my younger brother, at my parents' house - we headed off there tonight for the usual home-made feast. I love having two such culinarily skilled parents!

And I love spending time with them - I truly do enjoy their company so much!

 Agent99 swing dress
 American Apparel leggings
 Sewn waterfall jacket
 OPI We'll Always Have Paris on nails

Tonight, we drank some delicious apple cider - look, its from New Zealand! Good old Monteiths haha

We also ate some little baby ice-cream cones - how cute are these?

V and I always bring dessert around when we dine with my parents. Normally we would make something fabulous, but we kind of piked today and bought these adorable little gelati instead. Look, they are in little mini cones, and dipped in chocolate with sprinkles! Yum!

Happy Saturday to all in Blogland!


  1. I love the braid!

    I miss my family a lot as well...they are about 8 hours away and I see them once a year or so. I guess that means that we will treasure them more that way eh?

    The little ice creams look so cute!

  2. Hello

    Thank you for the message of support following the awful incident I had in a store yesterday. The kind words from friends and strangers was amazing.

    The woman who feared that whatever was on my face would ruin her clothes was small minded, discriminatory and rude. But she has also managed to remind me that there are so many people in this world that are compassionate and open minded, and in support of the challenges I have with my chronic illness.

    I hope that my blog, and your support, can make people think twice about the prejudices they may have towards people with chronic illnesses and disabilities, and also make them think twice about opening their mouth and saying something hurtful.

    I feel pretty crappy today, it's hard to be resilient all the time, but I know that I will feel better soon.

    Thank you again, you really brightened my day.


    PS: these icecreams are so cute!
    And your outfit is great, as always. I need to try the swing dress.

  3. I've wanted a waterfall hemmed dress like that for ages...I can never find one that short enough for my legs though. Nice outfit!