Thursday, April 8, 2010

casual thursday...

ok, ok, I know its "casual Friday" - we do have casual Fridays at work, twice a month! In fact there's one tomorrow. And I have to appear in the Supreme Court in the morning, meaning, of course, I cannot participate - boo!

Of course, that's completely offset by the EXCITEMENT of appearing in Court! I seriously hope I get the same buzz after 8 years in practice as I have after 8 months...

Anyway, I decided to have my own special little "casual Thursday" today - I didn't have any clients to see, or anywhere to be aside from sat at my desk, so I went for the casual-chic look today...

I was channelling Moira Shearer in "The Red Shoes", and also a "so frenchy, so chic" kinda theme with the colours...

Although someone at work told me I looked "very American" in the red, white and blue, which made me laugh.

 Shilla ruffled tank
 Witchery silk spoke skirt
 Benetton cardigan
 Country Road ballet flats
 TIffany&Co rings and bow necklace


  1. So pretty! I love the colour combo :)

  2. Love this look! It's so gorgeous :) The skirt looks really pretty and I love how you've worn your hair!

  3. That is such a lovely outfit! I've had to google Shilla and am very sad they don't have any Sydney CBD stockists.

  4. I love it. Those shoes! Great colours - orange and navy.
    You are so beautiful.
    Thanks for the well wishes on my blog too.

  5. These are very nice colours on you. Love the outfit.

  6. I love, love, love this outfit! Gorgeous :) xx