Friday, April 9, 2010

friday night tapas...

Tonight, V and I celebrated the week's ending with tapas!

Do you know where the concept of tapas comes from? Well, tapa is Spanish for lid - apparently bartenders used to cover customers' wine glasses with pieces of stale bread, to stop bugs falling in. The customers started putting little snacks, like cheese and ham, on top of the bread, and the tradition of tapas was born!

Of course, we had to order a big jug of sangria - absolutely essential when eating tapas!

Meatballs in tomato and herb sauce, and garlic and pepper bread...

Patatas catalanas (cooked potatoes topped with spicy mayonaise), and pimentos rellenos (red capsicum stuffed with herbed cream cheese) - these are my two favourite dishes!

Chorizo cooked in chili oil...

Manchego cheese and serano jamon with quince paste...

Churros!!! OMG, this is the BEST thing ever, little fried doughnut sticks which you can dip into hot melted chocolate sauce and/or cinnamon sugar...

 Lolita 'the Tyra' leggings
 Agent99 swing dress
 Sewn waterfall jacket
 Tony Bianco 'Foxie' heels


  1. Oh, I love Spanish tapas - so many flavours and textures in meal. The sight of the churros is making me hungry!

    P/S: thanks so much for bringing my L&M post to, well, L&M's attention. Took me a while to work out why my traffic has increased so much this week - it's back to normal now, hehe.

  2. Yum yum yum! Looks delicious, in fact, its making me hungry. Just thought I'd let you know I have arrived in Sydney :) Loving the weather so far, but the job hunt has been somewhat lack lustre. I did have a job interview yesterday that went really really well, so I have my fingers crossed.

    If you would like to sometime, it would be lovely to catch up and have a coffee or do lunch. Let me know.


  3. Hi,

    Firstly, I love your blog.
    Secondly, where on earth can you get tapas in Wollongong?


  4. Hi Piper, this restaurant is on Keira Street and is named La Marina - highly recommend!