Thursday, April 15, 2010

yum-cha and cocktails...

Today was busy but fun - had one of those awesome days at work where I felt like I achieved SO much. And I managed to break the day up nicely with recreational activities...

Had yum-cha for lunch with my parents in Chinatown, and then Bellinis at Marble Bar with my old boss. Fun!

Cuddles from Jasper...

 Marc Jacobs silk ruffle blouse
 Cue skirt
 Diana Ferrari 'Shandi' booties
 Tiffany&Co rings and necklace

After dinner, V and I made a pot of T2 'Relax' herbal tea...



  1. I'm so in love with T2 Tea. Going to make a pot now! ♥

  2. Love this top :) Love your tea set, I have one similar that I use while working. There is nothing quite like enjoying tea poured from a beautiful teapot.

  3. I love the cute skirt and of course, your MJ blouse. I know I have said that I love your MJ blouse so many times before but I really really do like it so much!

    You have the loveliest tea set!

    T2 might actually be one of my company's suppliers, I think. We have a supplier called Tea Too...not sure if they are the same company. I remember doing their accounts every week.