Friday, April 9, 2010

i ♥ lush...

Yesterday, I went shopping at Lush!

I picked up some more of my ultimate, all-time favourite moisturiser - Skin's Shangri-La. Full of cold-pressed organic oils, its the best moisturiser I have ever used, and is so beautiful and rich and soothing on my dry, sensitive skin.

I took advantage of the Big Hair promotion, and picked up a box of sample-sized haircare products for $14.95...

I chose: Godiva and Trichomania solid shampoos, Curly Wurly liquid shampoo, American Cream liquid conditioner, Jungle solid conditioner, H'Suan Wen Hua conditioning treatment and The Big Tease styling gel

It all came packaged up in the cutest little box - how adorable does that look! I love little mini-sized cosmetics...

This morning, I tried out two of my new products:

Curly Wurly shampoo
This smells AMAZING! Deliciously coconutty! It has a strange texture that gets a bit of getting used to, as it is full of chunks of coconut, but it does lather up nicely in the hair, and left my hair feeling nice and clean and soft, but not stripped dry.

Verdict - Whilst it is quite off-putting finding bits of coconut in your hair after you've rinsed the shampoo out, this is a really lovely, gentle and nice-smelling shampoo. I would definitely buy this and use it again.

American Cream conditioner
Another delicious-smelling product, like strawberries and cream! Sadly, my love affair with this conditioner ended there. I had to use nearly the entire pot to get my hair feeling even a little conditioned, and it was like my hair literally just absorbed it all up. After combing through, my hair felt dry and straw-like, almost more dry than it had been prior to applying this conditioner. I actually had to 'top up' and add some of my usual Sebastien Cellophanes conditioner, just to be able to comb all the knots from my hair and get it feeling soft and shiny, like it usually does.

Verdict - Definitely not very Creamy! If this is their 'double strength' conditioner, I would hate to try the normal strength one! Whilst it smells amazing, it is not a strong or rich enough conditioner for me, definitely not as it is marketed. I would not purchase this product.

I look forward to trying out the rest of the samples over the coming week


  1. Hey!
    I used Lush products regularly for about a year, a few years ago.
    I was surprised I could use their products, but so many I tried did not hurt my skin. I have not used them for a while but you've sparked me on to use them again.
    That hair product deal is great.
    I have tried the trichomania shampoo, jungle conditioner and also the big shampoo (with salt). All were good on my hair, but I have switched to Alchemy products because they are much gentler and don't cause my scalp to scale up.
    As for American Cream - I do like this stuff and am currently using it as a styling product - I use it after my hair is washed and conditioned and I rub some into my hair then blowdry to boost my curls. It smells good!

  2. Carly, if you are interested in their skincare, you should definitely try their Ultrabland cleanser - its basically just peanut oil, beeswax, honey and a few essential oils. I use it every night and its just yummy! Leaves my skin really soft and not dried out at all.
    I will have to try the American Cream as a styling aide next time, rather than a conditioner :)

  3. Ultrabland cleanser - thanks for the rec.
    I like the fig soap and the body butter bars.
    Let me know how you go with American Cream as a styling aid.