Friday, April 9, 2010

this relationship is built on breakfast...

(Yes, I have been listening to The Waitress Song...)

Seriously though, one of my favourite things to do of a weekend is have a lazy, long breakfast with V - whether we make it ourselves, or go out somewhere, breakfast really is the best meal of the day for me.

On such a lovely morning, we didn't want to stay inside, so we trotted off to YumYum! cafe for brekky...

Yummy fresh-baked apple and raspberry bread...

Super-mega-huge coffee!

About half an hour after these were taken, I was at the hairdresser having my fringe trimmed, in an attempt to lessen my resemblance to a Shetland pony...

Have lovely weekends all!


  1. I love your weekly breakfasts :) While I eat weetbix I can live vicariously through you!

  2. We love weekend breakfasts/brunches too. They're a must


  3. I want your tshirt. Dammit. ♥

  4. Eating out for breakfast is our absolute fave weekend thing to do too. Yours always sound and look fantastic xo