Wednesday, April 14, 2010

interesting facts about me...

Interesting fact #1 - I get excited over cleaning products

I lovelovelove nice, environmentally friendly cleaning products - my home is always clean but I like it to also be green! And my day was complete when I arrived home from work to be greeted by my latest order from the lovely people over at Murchison Hume

Hello, lovelies...

A bamboo cleaning caddy, natural bristle pot brush, 'Effortless Floor Splash' (Australian white grapefruit scented), and 'Boys' Bathroom' cleaning spray (Juniperberry scented).

The products are all made in Australia - they are organic and free from formaldehydes, caustics, parabens, SLS, phosphates and silicon. And they look so PRETTY!

Can't wait to use them!


  1. They look great!
    I found some products I can use - Cinderella. I use these in the kitchen, don't need to use rubber gloves either!
    I wrote to the company owner raving about them and she sent me a heap of free products. They no longer stock them in Coles now though.

  2. oooh I like the look of them, I'll have to check it out.

    I try to use environmentally friendly where I can but sometimes it's hard.

    Especially for cleaning the bath- I don't want to be soaking in residual chemicals.

    My cleaners get really funny about using anything they haven't brought along with them, though. It's pretty annoying.

  3. I usually just use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning, it is amazing what those two can cut through and they are environmentally sound. I clean my mother's place for her and she keeps buying harsh chemical cleaners for me to use even though I'm adamant that vinegar and baking soda can do it all. She refuses to believe that I'm not secretly spraying the shower or cleaning the floors from one of her bottles.

    Those products you've picked up look beautiful though and probably smell much nicer than my trusty vinegar. Looks expensive though :(

  4. Hey lady,

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  5. I've actually used the Cinderella stuff before too Carly, its great! I also really like the Eco Store brand of cleaning products - highly recommend those as well girls.

    Alice, I am obsessed with my bicarb and vinegar LOL - I use it to clean the sinks and toilets. The Murchsion Hume stuff is actually not too expensive IMO (the 1L floor splash is $15) but obviously not as cheap as vinegar and bicarb :)

  6. Let us know if they clean well too!!