Friday, April 30, 2010

my little corner of the coalface...

Well I finally appear to have shaken off the worst of my virus, and am starting to feel human again. To celebrate my first day back at work (or the coalface, in the words of the lovely FauxFuchsia), I thought I would share a few shots of my day today...

I travelled up to work with my Dad today - he was lecturing at the Hospital, and I love riding up in the car instead of roughing it on the train. We always have breakfast together too...

BEST fruit salad with toasted granola, natural yoghurt and honey, mmm...

At the coalface - one of just many coffees for the day!

My desk!

The view from my window - pretty gorgeous!

Reflection self-portrait...

I am a major tea snob and cannot handle the blergh Liptons teabags provided at work - I need my Twinings Irish Breakfast! (and my kitten mug)

Obligatory outfit shots! (it was casual Friday today)

 MinkPink skirt
 Country road tee
 Tony Bianco ballet flats
 Bow necklace from etsy

Happy Friday!


  1. Love the tea!!! Wooo, Twinings is my go to Supermarket brand but I LOVE T2 tea. Have a lovely weekend. ♥

  2. Gorgeous view - but I can't pick where you are... I'm on Pitt St, by Capitol theatre, and would love to do lunch sometime when you are free :) We could even do a weekend or dinner after work if you'd prefer? Yay for chilly, rainy days too!!

  3. Your desk looks much cleaner than mine (I am a lawyer too and seem to generate far too much paper, I always have piles everywhere despite my PA doing my filing every day!) I too cannot stand the Lipton tea in my office and so I have a large stockpile of Twinings on my desk too!

  4. i envy your clean desk, mine is always such a disaster

  5. Such a pretty outfit, I love that bow necklace.

    And what a view!

  6. I hear you on the tea snobbery - we only have awful Harris teabags at work, which taste like bitter water. I've started bringing a teapot.

  7. your coalface view is lovely Florence

  8. Your Coalface is eerily similar to mine, aside from the view (I can see Port Philip Bay and the Bolte Bridge).
    Your desk is very neat.
    And your outfit so pretty.

  9. I have the same desk calender as you, I love the little quotes on them !

  10. MMM that's such a healthy breakfast!! :DD i'd love to have something like that in the morning too!! nothing like a good fruity breakfast to start off the day well... you look great in that casual day outfit!! :D