Friday, April 30, 2010

saturday casual...

I love casual, relaxed weekend clothes - I am a huge fan of draped, loose, comfortable clothing, and of course I can never wear anything like that at work.

The May 2010 issue of Vogue Australia included a fashion story titled "Five days in longer lengths", and featured several fantastic outfits involving tops and jackets layered over luxuriously long, draped maxi dresses.

I gave the whole layering-over-a-maxi-dress thing a go today for a morning of cafe breakfasting and viewing open houses...

I really like how it turned out!

 Supre maxi dress
 Cotton On cropped tee
 Sportsgirl bangle and bag
 Oroton sunglasses
 Tony Bianco gladiator flats


  1. Ohh I love this Cate! You pull it off so well. I think I'm going to give this a try, I love my black maxi dress.

    xx aelie

  2. I like this as well. Somehow every time I try though, it doesn't do any favours for my figure. Humph.

  3. You carry this look off effortlessly. Last night I was checking the blogs I follow at work and this post popped up, this outfit popped out. I love the way you've used the maxi in a layered look, with the cropped top, using neutral colour blocking. Perfection. ♥

  4. This is cute. You wear it well.
    Drapey doesn't suit me. Too short. Boobs are too big.:/

  5. Its nice to finally see your face KittyCate :) you're very pretty!
    You pull off the layered Maxi look fabulously with your petite figure- you make pedestrian brands look high end. Also. I love your sunnies. Do you mind putting a name to them?


  6. I love this look on you! Reminds me of MKA Olsen

  7. This is great styling! I love that you layered your maxi dress with a cropped top!

    xx, Amanda (Not So Naked)

  8. I know this doesnt have anything to do with your outfit, but I love your haircolour! Do you do it yourself? I'd love to know what colour it is, if so, and how you maintain it!

  9. you look great in this outfit! :) i'm a big fan of the loose/drapey/layered style too... very bohemian Japanese in my opinion... the grey and black contrasted so nicely with your red hair!! :DD

  10. you look gorgeous and relaxed. love your shoes.

  11. you always look beautiful my gorgeous friend

    I love how you put stuff together so easy and that it looks amazing on you

    pick a Sat your free - z and i miss you and will come down for a lazy day of breakfast, coffee and cuddles...

    luv wen

  12. oh cate, that last pic of you is so cute!

  13. Well, you have inspired me! I bought a bit of a floaty drapey top in purple digital print, and plan to layer it over a simple black long-sleeved dress over leggings. Thank you :)