Wednesday, May 5, 2010

why does it upset me so...

when people leave nasty, sarcastic or mean comments on my poor little blog?

I know I should rise above it and not take it personally - but it still hurts

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  1. Hey lovely girl
    I know, it is hard. :(
    You deserve nothing but love and admiration - your blog is inoffensive, stylish and honest.

    I've written a blog entry about this lately, what to do with readers' responses.
    Outside of my blog, I have also had to field a few negative comments about my DiVine article (the one about being sick of being asked questions about my appearance) and also from some twerp being jealous of me meeting Callan Mulvey ('you better of (sic) appreciated it' - she said!).

    I am sending you smiles and good wishes :)

  2. awww what was the comment? Your are always so lovely with your posts.

  3. PS: if you ever need a chat, send me an email or message on facebook - itchy_81 at hotmail dot com :)

  4. What nasties could anyone say to you?! Boo to them.
    Love from fellow voguette.

  5. Chin up girl, they're not worth your time.

    I think your blog is fantastic.

  6. Thankyou so much lovely ladies - much love to you all for your kind words.

    I've had a couple of icky, nasty comments - a couple basically calling me fat (which made me laugh actually). This was wasn't so bad I guess, just implying I am a moron for wanting to stick to natural skincare methods. But I think my flu has made me overly sensitive to criticism.

    You've all made me feel much better xoxo

    PS: Carly, I was really disappointed to read some of those comments on your fantastic DiVine article! Will definitely shoot you an email hun :)

  7. Im a new reader to your blog and i just have to say you've done nothing or said anything to merit a nasty comment! and as for you looking fat, are they INSANE?!! i dont understand that...they are probably jealous.
    Keep your chin up!! :)
    From a fellow red head (red hair rules! :P)

  8. Another new reader here!
    Just wanted to say don't waste your time or energy on petty people that feel the need to be horrible to others, they aren't worth it!

    Take heart from this: You have inspired me to start a natural skincare regime of my own (so far so good!) and start a blog :)

    Here's to a better day tomorrow x

  9. I am also a fairly new follower after seeing a link on Vogue, and have to to say I went out and got the Trilogy product because of your skincare post so thank you :) And I'm glad you found the posts funny that called you fat because you look so healthy. You have to feel a bit sorry for people that leave comments like that, obviously jealous and probably lonely!

  10. Your blog brightens up my days! Don't stress lady ♥

  11. just a qucik message to say a) your blog rocks, b) your review on skin care products has changed my routine forever,my skin has never looked better and c) you arent fat or a moron.
    I dont know you, but i look forward to reading your blog.
    love danielle x

  12. Even though I'm not an all natural girl (because I have lots of problem with breakouts and stuff which requires stronger products) I found your beauty routine post inspiring... I tried the rosehip oil which works fantastic and I'm going to try the lush mask...

    And whoever said you're fat must have their head not screwed on right... you have fantastic figure!

    People who say nasty unconstructive things like that are usually not worth your time and energy... let them be nasty and miserable ;)

  13. The people who leave nasty comments are gutless trolls. They are no better than dogpoo on the footpath. Hope you feel better hun!

  14. Gah!! I just wrote you a really long comment and something happened and it disappeared!! It went something like this:

    Those people are stupid/morons and don't listen to them. I am starting 'green' and 'gluten free' sections on my blog (that I was supposed to start at the start of the year) and would love you to write a guest post at some point if you would like to on your use of natural products etc.

    Let me know,


  15. I can't believe someone would post a rude comment on your blog! They obviously have nothing better to do and feel really shitty about themselves and have to take it out on someone else. Screw them. I know what you mean about taking it personally though, it's hard not to. Delete those rude comments and keep doing what you're doing!

  16. You? Fat? Seriously? Some people have nothing better to do with their time. As my grandma and mum always said - if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    It is more of a reflection of who they are inside than you. Keep on trucking!


  17. Like Amy above, I actually went out and bought the Trilogy rosehip oil after reading your glowing review (pardon the pun!). I love your blog. You have such a beautiful spirit and you're always so positive. Keep it up!

  18. This makes me so angry... I will never understand why people feel they have the right to say such awful unnecessary things. If you don't like what you are seeing/reading then don't look, surely it's that easy.


  19. People can be so petty. I love your blog and you seem so lovely and intelligent. I don't know why you've been attracting such unwarranted nastiness but I hope you don't take any notice of them.

  20. I'm so sorry to hear you got a bad comment :(

    Chin up and remember all the good comments you get :)

    You have a lovely blog, and I always look forward to reading your posts... and you also have very lovely skin :)

  21. People are ridiculous.

    I bet they were anon also.

  22. Aw Cate that's awful. I don't understand why people feel the need to be harsh for no reason.

    You and your blog are beautiful and inspiring. Don't let them get to you.

    Much love x

  23. you are gorgeous and i love your blog :) please don't feel badly!
    hope the cold gets better soon! i'm doing primary school teaching at uni - on placement at the moment and i think i've got a cold from the kids! grr!

  24. Fat? From your photos I would guess you are a 6 or 8 max. Crazy. I love your hair by the way :)

  25. I hope all of the lovely comments above have helped to erase the bad feeling left by others.

    I just wanted to say that I too am another Voguette who has purchased the trilogy rosehip oil purely on your rec. It's been about 2 wks for me and I am loving it! Having tried AOBS before however, can't say I share the love with that one, but hey, we're all different :)

  26. I was shocked to hear that someone has written a nasty comment on this blog, it's so unnecessary. Try not to let the petty jealously bring you down Cate. Unfortunately, it's often people who are inspirational and bring joy to others that suffer criticism. I think it just comes with having a blog with a big readership. Rest assured that for every 1 nasty person there are another 100 people who support and appreciate you.

    Take care xox

  27. Some people are idiots! You fat???? I must be majorly obese then!
    Oh and I am hoping to get some rosehip oil real soon.

  28. I've had negative comments before, but at the end of the day I try to remember that by inviting comments there's always the possibility of idiots posting unconstructive comments.

  29. I love everything about your blog (plus your contribution to Vogue Forum)!

    I'd say that the nasty comments just came from a low life and horrid green eyed monster.

  30. Aww I know it's hard, I'm really sensitive to nasty comments too. But I just try to think how negative they must be feeling to write things like that. You are a happy, gorgeous person with lovely people around you and negativity like that has no place in your life! (That's what I tell myself) Plus the comment about you being fat is so so ridiculous. You actually remind me a lot of my older sister who is a model :)

  31. Hi There! I use to follow you on my old blog so just adding you again! I am still in disbelief that someone can write such comments to you! I know this is an old post so it's probably not on your mind (well I hope not!) But seriously, that makes me "lol".. All you have to do in these situations is know that you would never do something like that and it would make it all the better! I love your blog! So hopefully it hasn't disheartened you..

    - Karah_karahz