Friday, May 21, 2010

autumn leaves of red and gold...

Today V and I headed down to Berry, on the south coast, for a nice, relaxing day of eating and browsing the cute little shops...

The scenery down this way is all so gorgeous - so green and pastoral

 Sportsgirl cotton minidress
 Supre woolen cardigan
 Country road wooly tights and cable knit scarf
 Rivers boots
 Sportsgirl bag
 Oroton sunglasses

We kicked off with brunch at one of our favourite cafes of all time - the Berry Sourdough Bakery & Cafe (be warned! of a weekend you are well advised to book a table or face a looong wait)

We arrived at 11:30am, only to find that breakfast had JUST finished - bummer!

Whilst the lunch menu is amazing, neither of us felt like lunch - we wanted brunch!

Cappuccinos whilst browsing the menu...

We eventually both decided on the bread-and-butter pudding, topped with thickened cream and cinnamon poached pears. This was an amazingly yummy breakfast (ahem dessert) - light and delicious, yet very satisfying!

Meet au lait - the world's most ginourmous coffee!

Yes, it really was this big!

Nom nom nom - I could have taken a dip in it! My kind of coffee
Nails are OPI Mrs O'Leary's BBQ

There were maple leaves everywhere today, a million different shades of red and gold - I ended up bringing a bunch of them home, there were so beautiful

Stopped and patted the horses...

Much to our surprise, we soon realised there was a Celtic festival on in Berry this weekend - awesome! I know its not very trendy, but I love those sorts of things!

We ate some yummy fresh-baked, still-warm Irish soda bread, slathered with local butter (and bought a loaf to bring home!)

We found a Scottie dog! So cute!

She was a bit camera-shy...

And of course there were Scottish marching bands (gotta love a man in a skirt)

As we were driving out of Berry, we passed a row of gorgeous maple trees, all afire with autumn leaves - and I had to get out and play!

Happy Saturday!


  1. this is a great outfit and i love the scarf. I love grey. the last photo is a keeper.

  2. I LOVE the photos of you jumping and dancing in the leaves. The coffee looks so, so, so good. Now I want coffee... but it's too late in the day to drink it, so I shall have tea instead.

  3. Beautiful photos, the last is my favourite x

  4. So pretty. How good is it just to PLAY!
    That bread and butter pudding looks amazing. I want!
    Your outfit is pretty too.
    One of my best friends from uni is from Berry and I stayed there at her parents' place for a week back in early 2002. It was nice.


    and holy moly batman was that a bucket of coffee? i must source myself one of these buckets :)

  6. Just beautiful. I miss Berry's autumn, so rich and vibrant and buttery.

    Love you xxx

  7. You look great in that combo. Love the grey with your hair. :)

    Oooh I didn't know Supre made woolen cardis! Is it new if you don't mind me asking?

    - SPF

  8. what a gorgeous way to spend a Saturday

    I love Berry - such a sweet place

    the coffee looks divine - like you could float away ontop of the frothy goodness - hmmmmm

    love the pics sweet


  9. Ahhh I love Berry! It's so gorgeous! I loved playing in maple leaves as a kid. You've given me the urge to go and do it again!

  10. i love the last pic of you :)
    and that bread and butter pudding looks delish!

  11. Love the photos of you dancing with the leaves. so joyous!