Saturday, May 22, 2010

the brunching hour...

Just to prove that V and I don't spend every weekend eating brunch at a cafe...

Breakfast this morning (after a decent sleep-in!)

We got these yummy little brioches from the Berry Sourdough Bakery yesterday - one is mixed berry, the other is rhubarb and custard (OMG so delicious!) We also toasted up some of the Irish soda bread

Several pots of coffee, and all the Sunday papers later, and its possibly time for a nap...


  1. I love it!! My Sunday morning (7am!!) was spent at work, which wasn't so bad :)

  2. Yum! I love your breakfasts, you have inspired me to take up coffee! I had my first one last week and I love them :)

  3. Ok, so I don't even eat toast, but I adore those toast holder thingies.
    I love the way you present your food and tea. It's all so pretty, and such an EVENT!
    The brioche sounds wonderful.
    I am in Sydney this week and really want to find a good bakery to treat myself on my day off this Friday.

  4. I wish I had brunch like yours!
    I was wondering where you got the little cat thing ( not sure exactly what it is, but its adorable)


  5. is the cat thing for milk/cream?

  6. looks delicious, brunch is so much yummier when it looks that good x

  7. Hehe it still looks like brunch from a cafe! You presented it so nicely and everything matches.

  8. I love your blog!! So sweet-esp the way you set up your table and have tea after dinner with china!

    Where have you gone though? I miss you!

  9. Thanks lovelies! I love everything to be beautiful and pretty, especially when it comes to food.

    ♥Lola - Ohh noooo, I have created another caffeine addict lol! V never used to drink coffee until he met me and now he's just as bad as I am! I really adore the smell and taste of a good coffee, even the comforting ritual of sipping a hot cappuccino. Perfection.

    Sarahsauras - The little kittycat is a milk jug! He was a birthday gift from my brother, years ago. I am not certain where he bought him from, but the brand is "Two's Company". I imagine you could find one at a homewares type store.

    Angie - I have been sooo MIA lately I know! Work has been killing me I've barely had the chance to get online. I should be around a lot more soon though :)