Thursday, May 20, 2010

pink is the navy blue of india...

Dressing for the cooler weather is SO much fun! The colours don't appear to their best advantage below (thanks to poor lighting and my point-and-shoot), but I love the navy of this skirt and jumper!

Ever-so-slightly random pose!

V says I look like Audrey Hepburn in this jumper. Gotta love having a husband who a) knows who Audrey Hepburn is, and b) thinks I look like her

Action shot! haha

 Witchery silk spoke skirt
 Country Road henley shirt
 Country Road wool jumper
 Diana Ferrari 'Shandi' booties


  1. Agreed, winter colours are fantastic. Though living in Melbourne I tend to dress for winter a lot more than just three months of the year!

    You look beautiful as always :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm getting used to the Melbourne weather now, although not as fwwweeezzing as the UK! Loves the colour and loves navy blue with a touch of bronze or gold. Thanking you Florence/Audrey x

  3. Looooooving the way winter evokes layering. I love your hair up like that. ♥

  4. Gorgeous look! I adore those shoes, are they recent?

  5. the fringe and tied up hair definately lends itself to an Audrey look! With that cardigan and a pair of black capri pants and ballet flats, you'd be Sabrina, with your husband as Bogart!

  6. Love this outfit! Being a former CR girl I love your jumper, I remember unpacking those and thinking they were adorable :)

  7. Winter weather/dressing is definately the way to go i love it too. And agreed re: a man who appreciates the audrey elegance in his lady x

  8. you look so adorable and lovely!

    those colours work nicely with your pretty hair.