Sunday, May 30, 2010

of autumn's mellow fruitfulness, and all things that are good to eat...

Another weekend been and gone - *le sigh*. I love the weekends so much, all the more because V and I really don't get to spend much quality time together during the week, due to my work hours and the killer commute. The weekends are a time for us to spend together, eating good food, driving around, doing fun things, or even just vegeing out and going absolutely nothing together. So long as its time spent with each other, its time well-spent.

Today, we slept in nice and late and just pottered around the house with coffee and the papers, before heading out for a drive...

I am just enjoying this recent autumn weather so much - crisp and cool, but still sunny. I can still wear a little summery dress, with the addition of a cardigan and some knee-socks...

I adore the combination of blush-pink and dove-grey!

I may or may not have gone overboard buying knee-socks last week...

 Sewn dress
 Supre woolen cardigan
 Levante socks
 Tony Bianco 'Naomi' wedges

Today, we headed out to the local apple orchard to buy some yummy, organic apples. I love driving past the rows and rows of apples, knowing that the ones I am about to buy were just picked last week from those very trees...

Had to buy some of these - I'd never heard of a 'rosy glow' apple before, but the name was so evocative of autumn-y shades of red and gold, and glowing woodfires, they seemed perfect for this time of year. They are yummy too!

Inspired by the lovely FauxFuchsia, I decided to buy some quinces today at the markets, and poach them...

I also decided to make a madeira cake. V had been raving all week about this cake that one of his colleagues had made, and how delicious it was, so I told him to get hold of the recipe and we'd give it a a go...

Mixing, mixing, mixing...

My quinces didn't turn out quite as lovely and pink as I had expected - boo! They still taste amazing though.

The finished cake - mmmmm smells so fantastic. Will have some tonight, with the quinces.

Hope everyone out there in Blogland has had a wonderful weekend!
Happy Sunday!


  1. I love the blush pink with grey too. You look amazing in this outfit. I like the colours against your hair.
    Your cake and quinces look delicious.
    My day was lazier than it should have been.

  2. gorgeous dress! and such a lovely colour combination XO

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit - I love the colours and the cute knee socks!

  4. Beautiful outfit! Those colours suit you perfectly and I love the knee socks.

  5. I love your clothes. thats all. <3 danielle

  6. I love the pink and grey too - I even considered it as my wedding colour theme way back when.

    And re: the quinces - I think if you leave the peel and pips in it goes much pinker...

  7. You look so PRETTY Florence. Great cake x