Saturday, June 5, 2010

first winter rain...

Its official - we are well and truly into winter! Last Friday, in the Sydney CBD I got caught in the HEAVIEST rain I have ever, ever been out in! It was insane! I actually thought my sturdy Oroton umbrella was going to break! (luckily it stood the test and kept me dry)

Whilst I have a cat-like aversion to being caught outside in the rain, there is nothing I love more than sitting inside, all nice and warm and dry, listening to the rain pelting down on the roof, watching it striking the windows... winter bliss!

This weekend, we have not really had the promised rainstorms in my little corner of NSW - its been fairly dry and sunny, albeit nice and cold. We kept it warm and cheerful indoors with delicious breakfast goodies...

Crepes with lemon juice and sugar, and freshly-brewed coffee

I heard V giggling as he was making the crepes, and looked over his shoulder... yep, this is about the level of humour in our house - genital-shaped pancakes!

We headed out for a wander later in the morning, while it was still clear...

Forever New ballerina-style dress
Supre woolly cardigan
Levante lambswool knee-highs
Endless Spirit scarf
Tony Bianco 'Naomi' wedges
Jag leather tote

Happy Sunday all!


  1. I am so delightfully surprised to read that you love Marilyn Manson! Nothing better than when you find out someone you admire is even cooler than you thought! Loving your knee-socks looks, I wish I could pull them off. xo

  2. I am with about the rain - whilst its glorious to listen to it pitter patter on the roof, I HATE getting wet whilst clothed - I like the dress

  3. Ahhhh that pancake is hilarious. Thats exactly the kind of thing I would do. Love the dress! xx

  4. You look stunning, as usual. Love that scarf! xx

  5. The penis pancake is hilarious! That is so something my fiance would do. Your cardi looks great btw. Was that this season Supre? I tried looking for it but couldn't find it

  6. Heheheh at the penis pancakes!
    I too adore the Supre cardi - you get lots of wear out of it. I gotta just take a deep breath and go into Supre to have a look.

  7. Love the knee socks and cozy cardigan. I have to say that is about the same level that were on in our house when it comes to humor.

  8. fabulous outfit! there is no way i could pull off knee socks but they look amazing on you :)

  9. Love this outfit, you look like a winter ballerina :) Thanks for the lovely comment Cate!