Friday, July 2, 2010

celebrate good times...

Today, V took me out to lunch at lee&me, to celebrate my emancipation!

Gigantic cappuccino! Excuse the shaggy fringe, I did have it trimmed today (finally!)

We sat inside, near the fireplace, so warm and cosy...

Steak sandwich with hand-cut chips and aioli

Vege pie with pesto roast potatoes and rocket and parmesan salad

Had some fun playing around with this awesome light in the front garden!


This blazer is my new favourite pieces of clothing - I bought it from the lovely Brooke over at re:new vintage. Seriously people, check out her ebay store, is the best!

I've worn the blazer three times already since receiving is last week, twice to work - and two girls at work asked me whether it was from Alannah Hill! I laughed and told them it cost me $15 from a vintage shop, and the felt flower brooch came from a craft stand at the Sydney Royal Easter Show about 6 years ago. There were ever-so-slightly taken aback...

Sewn shorts
Country Road oversized rolled-sleeve tee
Re:new vintage boyfriend blazer with felt flower brooch
Sportsgirl leather tote
Oroton sunglasses
Tiffant&Co rings
OPI We'll Always Have Paris on nails

Have lovely weekends all!


  1. Ooooo, what a nice surprise, thank you for the props! Very glad to see you are enjoying it as often as possible. hehe


  2. Dear Florence,
    I cannot believe you spent 4 hours a day on a train. SHOCKING!!!!! Good luck.

  3. Good for you, Cate!
    your adorable shaggy shetland fringe will be missed.. luckily they grow back to quickly.
    enjoy your extra 4 hours of freedom per day.. 20 hours per week :O

  4. yay finally working in the Gong- you won't know what to do with the spare time! You should start going to yoga.... haha xox

  5. Congratumaltions. Hope you enjoy your new found spare time luffly xx

  6. Love lee&me, especially their hand cut chips, so addictive. All the best with your emancipation and I hope you enjoy your free time x