Friday, July 9, 2010

friday fabulousness...

Today, I am celebrating the end of my first week working in the local office. My first week of no train travel, of sleeping in until 7am (amaaazing!), and having coffee and breakfast with V every morning - I hadn't realised how much I missed that until I got to start doing it again.

I am absolutely loving being in the local office - everyone there is so lovely, and my office is beautiful. I will have to take photos to share!

Its also fantastic to be finally working in the community I live in, something that is so important to me. All in all, work has been pretty fantastic.

Cue skirt
Marc Jacobs blouse
Diana Ferrari "Shandi" booties
Tiffany&Co rings and bow necklace

One of the things I've missed the most about working in Wollongong is the weekly Friday fresh food markets. This is just part of the amazing haul I picked up this morning before work:

Organic grapefruit
Organic Jerusalem artichokes (the funny knobbly things that look like ginger)
Sourdough bread
Organic purple potatoes
Organic quince
Organic peas (yum!)
Locally-made fetta cheese marinated in home-made pesto

We also got some strawberries and basil and locally-made haloumi cheese, and the BEST mandarines I have ever, ever tasted. We absolutely pigged out at dinner tonight!

Then chilled out with a glass of my current favourite Shiraz

Happy Friday all!


  1. thats so awesome you get to work closer to home now!
    i remember reading a while ago that you had a long commute each day!
    lovely healthy haul you have there.
    i like artichokes but never thought about cooking/buying them myself.
    lately the ones i get from the deli at coles are wayyyy too vinegary so i stopped eating them.
    i should considering buying them fresh!

  2. Pretty blouse! The dinner looks awesome too - I've never tried Jerusalem artichokes.

  3. Hi, i would love to see more of your work outfits! I'm not sure what stylish but conservative outfits could be worn to a law office.

  4. Just a question: how does a junior lawyer have time to keep a blog - and you are married to boot? Until recently, you had to commute.

    Every single person I know in the legal profession - and I know a LOT - does not have time for such extraneous activities, let alone junior lawyers. They work as hard as partners. Do you work for a lenient firm, who is not really fussed, or are you actually a paralegal? Or perhaps part-time?

    I just have a hard time believing what you say as it doesn't jive with the reality of a lawyer's life. You probably won't print this, no problem ...