Saturday, July 17, 2010

happy birthday to you...

Today was Z's first birthday party! It was a fantastic day, V and I had a blast - good company, fun and fantastic food!

Present! I love giving gifts, I tend to go a bit crazy with matching paper and cards etc

Cavour print tee
Sewn shorts
Country Road cardigan
Tony Bianco ballet flats
Sportsgirl tote
Oroton sunglasses

And here is the birthday present in all its unwrapped glory - can you sense a theme here? I loved Peter Rabbit as a child, and I love the idea of a book that can be read to someone over and over, until they are old enough to read it themselves. And the Peter Rabbit pull toy was just too cute not to buy

The party was held at Garrisons Point in Sydney, which is just beautiful. And of course we were all so glad that the weather was so lovely!

The birthday girl! Looking adorable in her little tutu skirt and birthday top (which her very clever Mum made!)

Birthday cake! Very delicious, and the birthday girl's Mum made all of the decorations - how awesome do they look?

Back home again - I has a balloon! And a lolly bag! Note - do NOT try and consume the entire contents of the lolly bag by yourself - I am lying on the couch waiting to die right now LOL



  1. wow - her skirt is as wide as she is tall!!
    i love that she is mixing pink and blue.

  2. oh my, i love love love peter rabbit!
    jealous! i might go get that book during the week!
    looking great as always, and yes, the panini was fabulous :D

  3. Lovely - happy birthday party to Z! She's so cute.
    W is very clever making those things herself!

  4. Love the P.Rabbit on wheels, very cute, very cool.

  5. Awwww so cute! Happy birthday Z! I love that tutu :) And your gifts are lovely.
    You look fabulous too.

  6. A beautiful present K, so thoughtful. My childhood was filled with Peter Rabbit and it is nice to see that it transcends generations.

  7. How darling! Looks like it was a fun day and that peter rabbit toy is ridiculously cute which I'm sure she'll treasure for years to come even after she's learnt to read the books herself!