Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tuesday at the office...

Yet another work-day outfit post - nothing particularly exciting here, folks! Didn't have any clients today, so I was dressed slightly on the relaxed side

The lovely Carly often comments on here that she can gauge the weather in Wollongong by my outfits (as compared to the freezing cold of Melbourne!) Well, don't be deceived by these shots! They were taken in mere seconds whilst I jumped around and tried to keep warm and V did his best action-photographer impression - very cold in Wollongong today!

These photos turned out pretty washed-out looking in the morning light - that cardigan is actally a lovely biscuit-coloured shade

Cotton On ballerina dress
Country Road yarn knit top and cashmere cardigan
Tony Bianco heels

Happy Tuesday all!


  1. Awwww thanka for the mention and the link.

    I loved your outfit today, as usual!

    There are some Rush pics and a secret video up on my blog today!

    Have a great day tomorrow xx

  2. That cardi looks so warm and comfortable! It's been rather cold in Sydney lately too, I actually went to bed with a hoodie on last night (although granted I woke up to find it on the floor). I'm a little sad that we're halfway through winter already, though.

  3. I love that cardi! you look great xx