Friday, August 6, 2010

flower power...

Today was Jeans for Genes day - so I wore my jeans to work!

Definitely a nice option for a cold Friday

Country Road skinny jeans
Country Road tee-shirt
Vintage silk jumper from re:new vintage
Rubi floral canvas shoes

My apologies for being MIA and such a bad blogger this week - its been a bit icky and stressful at work, and to top it off my gorgeous sister has been in hospital since last Sunday night (and they somehow still do not know what is wrong with her!)
Hopefully things will be back on track very soon


  1. Hey gorgeous girl :)
    Sorry to hear about work, and even more sorry to hear about your sister. I hope she is better soon xxx
    You look lovely as usual.

  2. I hope you have been feeling better Cate! I love the floral canvas shoes! They remind me of my old canvas Converse shoes I wore in high school...with cuter fabrics!

    I wish we have casual days at work!

  3. Hope your sis gets better soon Cate :) And work too! I can relate, re work stress. Mine absolutely sucked this week. At least you look super cute, I adore your rubi shoes.

  4. everytime I go to your blog I feel my eyes going GREEN with envy at your outfits EVERYTIME!

  5. I hope your sister is doing ok now :(