Friday, August 6, 2010

jumping on the bandwagon...

I finally caved and bought myself a pair of leopard-print wedge booties from the dreaded Rubi shoes *gasp* - shock horror! I know, I know, they are synthetic and cheap and ill-made and all things evil in the world of shoes - but I just couldn't resist any longer! I tried to be strong! But they were just too cute for me to walk buy without purchasing a pair. Would you forgive me if I told you that I put on my oversized sunnies and wrapped a scarf around my head before I ventured into the store? :D

I know there is a lot of shoe snobbery and loathing directed towards Rubi shoes and their ilk, but damn, you cannot deny that these look HOT! They are incredibly comfortable too

Cotton On ballerina dress
Rubi wedge booties
Sportsgirl tote

My pretties! I am officially in love with them. They attracted a LOT of stares and people telling me they loved them, and asking where I bought them from - and of course I laughed and said, "Rubi shoes, thirty bucks!" Cue gasping and cries of "Shut UP!"

We grabbed a coffee at Lee&Me this morning, creatures of habit that we are

The waitress told me I looked very "off-duty model" - which I took as a massive compliment (I hope it was intended that way!), and told her I loved her

I am also jumping on the Moo Goo bandwagon - I have several friends who absolutely rave about these products, and have been meaning to give them a try for a while now. As I have just run out of shampoo and conditioner, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give these cute cow-themed products a whirl. I have very long, thick hair that is happiest when its washed only once or twice a week, and the Moo Goo shampoo and conditioner promises to leave my hair soft and shiny and not dried out, so fingers crossed it works for me - will keep you all posted!

In other news, I am literally jumping out of my skin with excitement, because after coffee this morning V and I ducked into my fave shoe shop to drool over their Docs, and, as the owner was there, I asked/begged him to order me some floral Docs. He told me that they actually had some of these beauties coming in their next order, and he would hold a pair in my size, and call me when they came in! I am not ashamed to admit that I squealed and did a little dance - I've only been lemming a pair for MONTHS now! Wheeee!

Happy Saturday all!


  1. The wedges are great! The other day a girl at uni had some gorgeous little lace up doc type things and we were all complimenting her on them.. she admitted they were from Rubi! We couldn't believe it. Sometimes you just have to give in and swallow your pride :) Besides, for $30 who cares x

  2. Very cute indeed! I'm a huge fan of a leopard shoe!

  3. Yay shoe shopping! I gasped when I clicked the link, they look like the JC ones :) Gorgeous! You're a crafty little shopper :) Love the docs, can't wait to see how you style them.

  4. Wow those Docs are amazing! I still have mine from when I turned 15. I love them!!
    As for Rubi shoes - I have never bought anything from there but did buy a $20 pair of shoes from London Rebel - the shoes are a rip off of some Diana Ferraris that I have in black - minus the comfort.
    As for off duty model - indeed you do :)
    Please review the Moo Goo products - I want to try them but not sure how they'll go on my scalp. I have found some great shampoo recently - Dermaveen - it's made of oat husks. It leaves my hair feeling wonderful.

  5. I am loving those booties.....mmmmm!!
    haha, good work on getting the husband out there to get Gin! I'd totally go one right now, but alas, I'm off to work :'(
    I love all kitties too, but white ones are my weakness! haha!
    Let me know how the MooGoo works out, I've been eyeing it off for a bit now :P I just jumped on the Moroccanoil bandwagon...WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG? haha
    Much love

  6. The shoes are amazing hunny! It's always great to seek out bargains like that! I had sworn off Supre a while ago but every now and then, I still walk into it hoping to find a bargain!

    You do look very 'off-duty model'! I think the leopard print shoes really add to the factor as well!

  7. Oh my god those wedges are to die for!!

    Redhead in Law

  8. I was eyeing off those wedges in Rubi only yesterday. Comfortable you say? Hmmmmmmm *runs off to Rubi shoes*. Your outfitl looks wonderful! Casual cool.

  9. your shoes are to die for, didnt came across my mind that they're Rubi. I love the fact that it channels Alexander Wang's bootie.


    I LOVE YOUR BLOG. followed you.

  10. Dear Florence and the Machine

    Leopard print is essential. Well done xxxxx

  11. love the leopard shoes!

    Come follow my blog&new retro shots:


  12. I'm tossing up whether to get those Rubi Shoes boots too... maybe in black? They look lovely on you! Thanks for voting for me in the Miss Shop comp by the way :) x Sushi

  13. Hey I just found those Doc boots online at for $128 - maybe check if they are cheaper than buying instore? Also- check out the clothes on the site, there are some things I think you would luv xox R.

  14. Heya haven't seen you 'round for a while - hope all is ok. xx