Tuesday, August 3, 2010

oh bla di, oh bla da...

I was feeling the black-and-white thing at work today...

Country Road tunic dress
Country Road cardigan
Tony Bianco heels
D'va bow necklace

I actually had a fairly shitty day at work, so when I walked in the door this evening V took one look at me and told me he was taking me out for dinner. Bless!

We shared a tomato and garlic pizza to start...

My penne napoletana - with V's prawn and rocket spaghetti in the background

Mmmmm best tiramisu ever

We ended the evening walking back to the car, singing Beatles songs at the top of our voices - classy!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Dear Florence.

    Saw you on Dancing with the Stars the other night.

    Good necklace. I love b and w.

    FF xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I adore this work outfit :) You look beautiful. The necklace goes so well with the dress:)

    Sorry to read about your day :( mine was not so great either. But like yours, mine improved, though all I did was sit on couch, write for the tv show, and watch Rafters.

    Your dinner looks great too :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit and what a wonderful hubby! Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  4. nice outfit! - i miss work clothes but get my "fix" through you.
    dinner looked delish :)

  5. What a very darling necklace!
    Boo to bad days at work but yay to loved ones who pick us up and make us whole again - especially with deliciousness and the Beatles!

  6. Oh how lovely that he took you out!! Your outfit is so chic xo

  7. I adore this outfit & I adore your fringe. I need to comment more. x