Monday, September 6, 2010

new-shoes monday...

What makes a Monday morning bearable? A cup of good coffee and a pair of new shoes! I literally spent hours last night planning my outfit for today around my new LouLou shoes!

I decided to go with my gorgeous navy-cream-and-yellow Camilla Mary-Janes, and styled them with some navy and mustard-yellow shades - the colours aren't captured all that faithfully here, the lighting wasn't so crash hot. But you get the general gist.

When I ducked out to grab a coffee today in my lunchbreak, two lovely ladies at the cafe were absolutely raving over my shoes and my outfit - one of them kept saying, "You're so matching!" :D Totally made my day.

Witchery silk spoke skirt
Cue top
LouLou Shoes Mary-Janes
Diva necklace

Ok please don't ask me how on earth my legs are facing in two different directions! I took this shot myself, trying to get a close-up of THE shoes, and when I looked at it afterwards I was like, holy shit that looks freaky! Clearly some of the ballet training has stuck in my system LOL

Hope Monday has treated you all kindly!


  1. Love the colours in your outfit!!

  2. Those shoes are even more adorable with your gorgeous outfit! They definitely help to brighten up a Monday.

  3. Everything goes together perfectly <3

  4. Love the outfit! But especially love the shoes!

  5. ahhhh wow those colours look so amazing with your hair! love love love! x

  6. Love those shoes on you, what an amazing bargain! Omg you must be super flexy to get your legs like that hehe x Sushi

  7. Great outfit :) I'm also a fan of being well coordinated, i think it makes everything look a little bit more polished and put together! xx

  8. Oh my goodness are you double jointed?! Love the outfit, great way to start the week :)

  9. Loving this colour combo Florence. Give my love to the Machine xxx

  10. Love this outfit on you!

    And wholeheartedly agree with the Florence ref - you lucky thing!